March 2, 2024

Mike Ezuruonye respond to the £7000 online fraud allegations. (Watch video)

Sometime late September, popular actor Kunle Afolayan uploaded a screenshot message a lady sent to him privately accusing Mike Ezuruonye of defrauding her online. This move by Kunle Afolayan caused a stir on social media, and some celebrities like Mariam Apollo who happened to be one of Mike’s closest friends had reacted calling out Kunle Afolayan and seeking his apology.

Kunle eventually bowed to pressure and apologised. According to Kunle, he said he was misunderstood, etc.

Mike Ezuruonye however addressed the issue of his rumoured arrest in London, and also the £7000 online fraud allegations against him in a recent video uploaded on Saturday night.

Priscilla Irems

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