March 2, 2024

The drama continues as Chacha’s brother Aik Eke vents his anger on Austin Faani (Chacha’s husband). Says he compelled her to do the video.

According to Aik Eke’s post this morning, “I don’t like drama, I don’t like fight on social media, I prefer to be low key on social media but I won’t ignore this because it’s all shades of wrong and evil.

Firstly, Chacha has not used her phone for the past 5 days and she did not post that video. Secondly she does not have Bipolar Disorder. Thirdly, I don’t know how that video was made, why did he (Chacha’s husband) post such information without her consent because she’s not aware that he posted the video post it?” He wrote.

He wrote in another post, “I don’t know why he is in a haste to clear his name at her expense, someone you claim to love. Next time use your IG account if you desperately want to clear your name. Meanwhile for every smart move I’m here to counter it. Slow you roll, let sleeping dogs lie.”

Also adding, “That I said it’s not a case of domestic violence does not mean you’re innocent. The world knows there’s a cover up here. Be careful Mr man.” He wrote in his post

Confirming the actress where about, Aik wrote in his post few minutes ago that Chacha is fine and safe with him.

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