May 28, 2023

The popular musician and the CEO of DMW records David Adeleke a.k.a. Davido announced the termination of contract of Sanni Goriola Wasiu a.k.a. Lil Frosh on Tuesday the 6th of October on his social media page.

The reason for contract termination was based on domestic violence allegations. Apparently the artist Sanni Goriola Wasiu (Lil Frosh) had abused his girl friend Gift Cammille Last month the 15th of September.

Included to the Press release by Davido Music Worldwide Limited (DMW) stated, “Upon the internal investigations carried out by the label, we are left with no option than to terminate the recording contract between the label and Lil Frosh, effective immediately.

“We hereby immediately severe all affiliations with Mr. Sanni Goriola Wasiu a.k.a. Lil Frosh.”

Lil Frosh’s contract termination letter

“Once again, we do not condone domestic violence and stand with all victims of domestic violence.” Part of the press release states.

Priscimedia also gathered that Gift Cammille had recently returned from the hospital and has been going in and out of the hospital since the incident occurred.

Lil frosh’s girl friend Gift Cammille

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