March 2, 2024

Four U.S Marines have been confirmed killed as their Osprey aircraft crashed in a Worwegiah town in the Arctic Circle.

This Crash occurred during a NATO exercise unrelated to the Ukraine war, authorities said. Jonas Gahrstoere, Norwegian Prime Minister tweeted that they died in the crash on Friday night.

The cause was under investigation but Norwegian police reported bad weather in the area. These marines, assigned to 2nd Marine Aircraft wing, II Marine expeditionary force were taking part in a NATO exercise called cold response.

The U.S say the identities of the Marines wouldn’t be immediately provided in keeping with U.S Defense Department policy of notifying relatives. MV -223B Osprey was the aircraft which had a crew of four and was out on a training mission in Nordland county in Nothern Norway, the country’s armed force said in a statement.

It was on its way North to Bodoe, where it was scheduled to land just before 6pm Friday. The Osprey crashed in Graetaedalen in Beiarn south of Bodoe. A search and rescue mission was launched immediately. At 1:30am Saturday, the police arrived at the scene and confirmed that the crew of four had died.

30,000 troops, 220 aircraft and 50 vessels are from 27 countries are included and the Non -NATO members, Finland and Sweden are also participating.

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