March 29, 2023

Tragedy struck on Saturday in Sokoto as an individual fire at BUA cement factory resulted in the death of three persons while three others were injured.

It was also reported that other equipment and other valuables had also been destroyed by the inferno.The incident started on Friday morning and the inferno is still raging as at the time of filing this report.

The combined teams of Federal and State fire service officers are still battling the fire.The information indicated that the inferno is suspected to be caused by an uploading fuel tanker.

A source said that a worker was repairing a stationed tank when ignited the explosion. The source also said three persons died as three others sustained injuries as result of the incident which was said to have overpowered the company’s safety officers.

The fire prevention officer of Sokoto to the fire service was contacted while Mr Nuhu Lawal confirmed the incident saying that they mobilised teams as well as moved fire fighting equipment to the location.

But Lawal declined further comment stressing that the combined team are still making efforts to put out the fire. Meanwhile, Mr Umar Wura-Sifawa an official of the federal fire service in Sokoto, who was also at the scene said, “it is an ‘oil fire’ which takes larger period to extinguish.

Nura-sifawa said the combined teams are trying to stop the fire from spreading to other areas beside Oil compartment.

Marvelous Ogidi

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