June 5, 2023

There are things we need to know about our security personnel…

Below are few questions asked by citizens, which prompted our investigations into the Nigerian police.

  • What is stopping the police from carrying out it’s duties diligently?
  • What does a police officer need to make him/her work diligently?
  • Is the Nigerian police financially equipped to carry out it’s duties effectively?
  • Is an average Police officer allowed to go on work leave and do they get paid incase they decide not to go?
  • When a police officer dies at the call of duty, is the family of the deceased entitled to any kind of financial benefits?

If the Nigerian Police is ranked amongst the “best” in world, what is stopping them from bringing out the “best” at home?

  1. The Economy: Apparently, the economy affects the working condition of the Nigerian Police.
  2. A Police officer needs to be comfortable- There is a saying that “An hungry man is an angry man”. To bring out the best in a person, he/she needs to be well taken care of e.g. Good Accommodation, Good Food, logistics, and given the necessary equipments to make their work very effective. I.e. provide them with modern guns and bullets, rubber bullets, teargas, vehicles, generator sets, a good office environment, equipments for exercises to keep them fit, etc…
  3. The Nigerian Police are not well equipped to carry out it’s duties. From research carried out, it was discovered that the Nigerian police lack financial provisions and the necessary equipments to carry out it’s duties diligently, e.g. No rubber bullets, Not enough teargas, they lack sophisticated weapons, etc. Although, they have patrol vehicles but no provision to fuel the vehicles for quick response to call of duty.

From our findings, we discovered that only ‘30,000’naira is given for the maintenance of each Police station quarterly.

30,000 naira!!! For three months!!!!
Wow! This brings about the question; How can the police maintain a Station for 3months with the sum of 30,000 naira?

Below are lists of things they are suppose to spend the 30,000 naira on for 3months (Quarterly).

  1. To buy stationeries
  2. To buy fuel for the office generator set.
  3. To buy fuel in their patrol vehicles anytime there is distress call or whenever they have to go out on patrol.
  4. To repair vehicles whenever it’s damaged or develops fault.

    A source who pleaded anonymous said, police officers contribute monies for their trip to other states in the business of protecting lives and properties during elections.

When a police officer dies, other Police officers contribute monies for the family of the deceased. Aside from the pension given to police officers after retirement, there are no funds set aside for the family of a Police officer who dies in the course of duty.
Instead, monies are contributed by other officers to support the deceased family for the burial rites, etc.

A Nigerian Police officer’s life is not Insured, and so they are working at their own risk.

An average Police officer is not allowed to go on work leave neither does he/she gets paid for not going.

A Police officer can be transferred to 5 different States within a year without paying the Officer’s 28days hotel allowance he/she is entitled to.

Well, with all this highlighted problems, the people/Government should know how to get the security system/personnels working effectively for the benefit of the country.

Priscilla Irems

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