March 2, 2024

A 27-year-old Kabiru Mahmud has been arrested by the Nigerian police while transporting 49 parcels of Indian hemp to a secret place.

According to PREMIUM Times, Mr Mahmud was arrested at Danbire village while transporting the substance from his family home at Gadonkaya quarters to a hiding place on the outskirt of Kano state.

A police spokesperson Abdullahi Kiyawa while addressing the media said, “Immediately after, the Commissioner of Police, Habu A. Sani, mobilised Operation Puff Adder under O/C Anti Daba, Bashir Muhammad Gwadabe, to arrest the suspect”.

Kiyawa also added that the CP of the state (Kano) has directed the case to the State’s CID for further investigations, and to also find out the source of the substance and how it was smuggled into the State.

Mr Kabiru Mahmud who was arrested alongside his mother and uncle confessed to the police, “I called my friend at Danbire that I will bring the substance to his residence. My uncle called a tricycle rider, we loaded the substance and moved it to Danbire. Upon our arrival, the operatives of Anti Daba arrested all of us.” Mahmud said.

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