March 26, 2023

Hon. Farah Dagogo is against the Federal Government’s school feeding programme, says it’s a scam and he is not in support of the project. The Lawmaker, representing Degema/Bonny Federal Constituency, says “It is one of those scams that has reduced the country to where it is today”.

Reacting to the exercise scheduled to commence on Thursday, Hon. Farah Dagogo wondered how such a programme could be successful when the targeted school children are at home, noting that certain persons have entrenched their selfish agenda.

In a recent interview, Dagogo assured that if the Federal government goes ahead with the “National Home Grown School Feeding Programme, NHGSFP, there would be financial sleaze at the end.

He further stated that the FG should channel the billions earmarked for the school feeding programme to the country’s health sector. I strongly urged the Federal Government to have a rethink on the matter. A programme like the School Feeding Programme is the best opportunity for corrupt elements to embezzle money. The Government has to invest hugely in the Nation’s health sector now.

Priscilla Irems

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