February 23, 2024

During a chat with correspondents on the efforts of the state government to curtail the spread of the virus, the commissioner for health Dr Aliyu Maigoro said; “As of today, in Bauchi state, we don’t have any COVID-19 patient in our intensive care units, just as we don’t have any severe cases of the virus. For COVID-19, you must assess the condition of the patients whether they show any symptoms of the virus before you can decide on how to administer care and treatment. We have not put any of our patients on a ventilator since the outbreak of coronavirus disease in the state”.

The commission for health further stated, “Immediately you get the first test result, you can discharge the patient, because with the pattern in Nigeria, after a patient has tested negative for the first time, the second will also be negative,” 

Priscilla Irems

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