March 27, 2023

 A Clinical Psychologist at the Mental Health Department, Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital, Dr Adedotun Ajiboye said that there could be psychological stress in the family of victims, who tested positive to COVID-19 and are quarantined or isolated. He said, ”For example, if a breadwinner is quarantined, this may bring physiological stress on the family members. The family can go hungry. This will lead to physiological stress, which may, in turn, lead to aggression, anxiety, even depression.”

Dr Ajiboye further stated that “A breadwinner, who could not provide food because of the lockdown, may begin to exhibit some tantrums against his wife and children.

The psychologist concluded “This lockdown should be used as a platform to observe the strength and opportunities in every member of each family and plan to develop them.

”More so, weaknesses and threats to each family should be identified by the members, and each should plan to live above them. Dr Ajiboye said.

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