March 26, 2023

Denmark has joined the list of countries set to open it’s boarder to other European countries except most of Sweden and Portugal.

A press statement was released by Denmark’s foreign minister Jeppe Kofod stated, “I am pleased that we can now take a significant step towards normalisation and enable the Danes to travel to more countries in Europe,”

Jeppe Kofod said, “We stand in a significantly better place in Denmark than we had dared to hope just a short time ago. That’s why we can now relax the travel guides in a way that allows us to open up most of Europe.”

Denmark will ensure to put in place put a ‘Nordic mechanism’ allowing travel to and from regions with low infection rates.

Denmark’s infectious diseases agency SSI under the new system will rank each country in the EU, UK and Schengen area as either “open”, “quarantine”, or “closed”, based on its appraisal on the number of registered Coronavirus infected in the preceding week.

If fewer than 20 coronavirus infections per 100,000 people over the preceding week is registered in a country, then the country is ranked an “OPEN” country, If it registered fewer than 30 cases, then it is ranked a “QUARANTINED” country, If a country registers above 30 infected cases then it is ranked “CLOSED”

The Denmark’s SSI will also criterion is study countries’ testing regimes to ensure that they are adequate. 

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