March 31, 2023

Here is a touching video of an electrician who got electrocuted while trying to fix wire on a pole.

Here is a Stan warning of illegal mounting of electric pole and transformers from Prince G.B Adebanjo to all CDA.


To all CDA

Good day,

‼️This is a warning‼️

Watching the above video has truly shown the importance of heeding to rules laid down by the authorities.
The rule states that the only personnel allow to fix transformers and mount an electric pole, wherever and whenever are the authorized individuals from the Ikeja Electric Distribution Company as they have the expertise and experience to do so and have also warned against unauthorized mounting of poles to check, connect or fix electric related problems. However, in several community we have seen people go against the laid down rules, risking their life’s and in some cases causing more damage than fixing the problem.

Please, do not call on a near by electrician to fix or connect your pole electricity related problems and transformers, call the Ikeja Electric Distribution Company, whenever you see an unauthorized person mounting the pole, inform the police and the Ikeja Electric Distribution Company to save a life.

Thank you and have a great day ahead.

Prince G. B. Adebanjo .

Priscilla Irems

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