March 31, 2023

A young man on Sunday stabbed his wife to death and killed himself in their Lekki home.

June 21 was a sad and horrifick Sunday after a Nigerian man identified as Femi committed murder by stabbing his wife to death and committed suicide after drinking sniper in their home at Victoria park estate, Lagos State.

According to residents in the estate who confirmed that the couple newly moved into the estate barely three weeks ago with their two young children, not much was known about the couple for more information.

according to the residents in the estate, The couple were spotted jogging together on Saturday night 20th June 2020, a day before the horrific incidence. It was discovered that the man (Mr Femi) who had always doubted the paternity of the younger child Killed his wife and killed himself.

A neighbour who spoke on anonymity said, “On Sunday neighbours close to the couples apartment heard loud music emanating from their home which lasted for many hours.”

“They (neighbours) went to the estate office to complain about the loud noise emanating from the couples apartment, and insisted the officials go caution the couple.

“The estate authorities decided to go and appeal to the couple but found the wife’s sister and couples children downstairs. The sister went upstairs to inform her sister (the wife) about the complaint by the estate authorities, but she got no response after knocking severally. The sister and authorities decided to break the door open and was greeted with a horrific sight.”

According to the neighbour, “The man (Femi) had killed his wife which was believed to have been premeditated because the room was graced with different kinds of knives and committed suicide by drinking sniper. It was a horrific sight,” the neighbour said.

The incident was confirmed by Bala Elkana, spokesperson of the Lagos state police command.

Bala Elkana said, “It is true. Homisicide detectives have sealed up the place, the corpse of the couple have been move to the hospital for an autopsy and investigations are ongoing”

According to Bala Elkana, “Two kitchen knives was found, two bottles of snipper, the woman had injuries from stabbing and the man (Femi) who is suspected to have drank sniper had form coming out from his mouth. Investigations are still ongoing,” Bala said.

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