March 29, 2023

Nigerian Singer and music executive, Bankole Wellington popularly known as Banky W, was interviewed on Bounce Network alongside his wife, Adesua by Ebuka Obi Uchendu, Banky expressed his slight disappointment in the ‘star boy’ singer, Wizkid who didn’t show up at his wedding, because he had a show in Dubai at the time.

The Grammy Winning singer however has reacted to the video of his former boss, Banky W’s interview with Ebuka via his Twitter handle. Wizkid shared the video with the caption ‘LOL’ (Laugh Out Loud).

Banky W added that Wizkid might still be owing his record label three more albums, adding he only released two out of the five as stipulated in his contract when he made known his intention to leave. The “Gidi Love” singer also noted he didn’t try to dissuade Wizkid from leaving his record label despite the surrounding circumstances as he knew doing that would only have created animosity. “You know, the details escape me now. But I think it was a 5-album deal in the beginning and he had done 2 solo albums. He’d done the “Super Star” album and the “Ayo” album.

“So, I think he still owed 3 more albums. But he wanted to leave and for me that was enough. Because, I don’t want anybody to stay where they don’t want to be. It would just create animosity, resentment”, the statement reads in part.

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