March 20, 2023

Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji has come out to go against the claims that she wrote that Carolyn Danjuma’s daughter is not for her husband.

Danjuma had slammed the blogger for writing demeaning articles about her family.In a lengthy post shared via her Instagram page on Saturday, the popular blogger denied Danjuma’s claims.

“In its 16 years of blogging, Linda Ikeji Blog NEVER EVER wrote that Caroline Danjuma’s daughter is not for her husband. Not only didn’t Linda Ikeji Blog write this, no other blog in Nigeria or beyond wrote this,” the blog explained.”If this was a story written by Linda Ikeji Blog, a lot of other blogs would have carried it. There is no such story online on the thousands of blogs that exist in Nigeria. This is a story that was NEVER written about Caroline Danjuma. It doesn’t exist. PERIOD. Feel free to Google.”The blogger also alleged that the story Danjuma has been spreading was fabricated and false.

“This story was completely made up by Caroline Danjuma. Or she could have seen it as a comment made by anonymous commenters on LIB or any other blog. But this story was never written about her. Other than calling her daughter adorable, we NEVER wrote anything else about her.”Linda Ikeji has however, admitted and confirmed that her blog wrote about Danjuma lying about her age.”Yes, we did write about Caroline’s age controversy when she came out some years ago to claim she was 27. Many people didn’t believe her and that was the angle of our story. It wasn’t written with malice,” she confirmed.Ikeji’s post came hours after Danjuma called out the blogger during one of the episodes of ‘Real Housewives of Lagos.’

Danjuma moreso, came out furiously to make her own words about the issue .”Your sister was so…you what? You can have a blog but don’t hurt people. Part of the reasons my marriage broke was because of Linda,” she told Linda’s sister Laura.”I reached out to her, she did not care. Linda lied about my age, I reached out to her, and she did not care. Linda lied that my daughter was for another man, I reached out to her, and she did not care.”The visibly furious actress also revealed that her daughter has two holes in her heart.”Don’t talk about my daughter. My daughter has two fucking holes in her heart. Do you think I am happy to be divorced? From the very moment I got married, Linda was on my butt.”Danjuma said.

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