March 27, 2023

An Aged man was seen in a video trying to jump from a bridge known as Third mainland bridge rarely called Ibrahim Babangida Boulevard which is linked from Apapa-Oshodi expressway – Lagos -Ibadan expressway in Lagos .

Voices of a lady, men,and a woman was heard while they were trying to rescue him from jumping ,telling him not to do it in a Yoruba dialect . The video was also captured by the unknown lady screaming and telling the old man to stop ,but the old man proved adamant ,at the end , jumping into the river under the bridge after dragging himself from his rescuers.

A boat was also seen trying to rescue the aged man after jumping into the river.

Although , the details to the sucide is sketchy, it has been recorded that lot of Nigerian citizens had committed suicide in the same bridge over different issues of life including depression, frustration and financial challenges

Marvelous Ogidi

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