March 29, 2023

Two deceased children aged 5 and 10, though names will be anonymous due to the request of their families , remains were seen stuffed inside suitcases .

New Zealand confirmed this on Friday and detectives are continuing to investigate the deaths, which have rocked the country since the bodies were recovered two weeks ago.The ghastly discovery came after an unsuspecting family bought a trailer-load of items, including the suitcases at an auction for abandoned goods near Auckland, the country’s biggest city.

Police have said the family who purchased the suitcases are not connected to the deaths. They are receiving support to help deal with the trauma, officials said at the time.

The police said that the children has been dead for a number of years, and the suitcases had been kept in storage for at least three or four years.An autopsier has issued an order to not make public any evidence that could reveal the identities of the children.A woman believed to be related by the children in her 40s was located and had arrived in South Korea in 2018, but there has been no record of her departure since, said Park Seung-hoon, an official at the National Police Agency in Seoul.

The woman was born in South Korea and later moved to New Zealand where she gained citizenship. New Zealand police suspect the woman could be the mother of the children found dead, as her past address in New Zealand was registered to a storage unit where the suitcases were kept for years, according to Park.Police have been checking hours of CCTV footage, but key moments could have already been erased due to the delay between when the victims died and the discovery of the bodies.

Both the storage unit and property where the suitcases were taken have been thoroughly examined by forensic experts.

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