February 27, 2024

Early Saturday,a clash broke out between rival militias in Libya’s capital which resulted to one civilian killed,five others sustained injuries according to health official.

Footage circulated online showed houses and vehicles apparently damaged from the fighting.The violence reveals the Tripoli Revolutionaries’ Brigade militia, led by Haitham Tajouri, against another militia allied with Abdel-Ghani al-Kikli, an infamous warlord known as “Gheniwa,” The violence was the latest escalation to threaten the relative peace after nearly a decade of civil war in Libya, where two rival sets of authorities are locked in a political stalemate. The divisions have sparked several incidents of violence in Tripoli in recent months

Malek Merset, an emergency services spokesman, stated that Mustafa Baraka, a comedian known for his social media videos, died after he was shot in the chest. Merset said his body was taken to a Tripoli hospital

Marvelous Ogidi

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