March 20, 2023

There was a report on Friday concerning the mining explosion that occured in Turkey leading to the killing of miners as the death toll rises to 41 on Saturday.

A total of 110 miners were working several hundred meters below ground at the time of the explosion on Friday evening.Dark smoke rose from the entrance of the mine, which is surrounded by forests.

Desperate relatives had waited all night outside the state-owned Turkish Hard Coal Enterprise’s (TTK) mine in the town of Amasra, in the Black Sea coastal province of Bartin, waiting for their loved ones when they heard the news.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan also arrived at the scene who vowed to bring an end to mining disasters.“We don’t want to see deficiencies or unnecessary risks,” Erdogan said, adding that an investigation would reveal those responsible for the blast.

Eleven were injured and hospitalized, with five in serious condition, while 58 others managed to get out of the mine on their own or were rescued unharmed and a missing body had been reached summing up the 41 bereaved bodies.

Countries across the world offered their condolences to Turkey including Greece’s prime minister.Turkey had witnessed its deadliest coal mining disaster in 2014, when 301 people died after a blast in the western town of Soma.

Marvelous Ogidi

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