February 23, 2024

Former Russian state TV journalist Marina Ovsyannikova, has fled the country after the her last house arrest escape according to her lawyer.

Marina was said to be a journalist who interrupted a live news broadcast with an anti-war protest and was accused of spreading “fake news” about the war in Ukraine around March holding up a sign behind the studio presenter that said “NO WAR. Stop the war” and “Don’t believe the propaganda”

On Monday, Lawyer Dmitry Zakhvatov explained that she is currently “under the protection of a European state” without further explanation which may “turn out to be a problem” for her.

Before her flee,she got arrested, charged with disparaging the Russian military and fined 30,000 roubles ($270 at the time).The Kremlin however denounced her protest as “hooliganism”.

Marina further quit her job but refused to accept an asylum offer in France from President Emmanuel Macron as she “ don’t want to leave her country”.After quitting her job, Ovsyannikova became an activist, staging anti-war pickets.The 44-year-old was given two months’ house arrest in August over a protest in July when she held up a poster that described Russian President Vladimir Putin as a “murderer” and Moscow’s troops as “fascists”.

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