June 19, 2024

Sergiy Stakhovsky former tennis player has returned to Ukraine to defend his country against Russian aggression.

He announced his retirement after the latest Australian open and he spoke to Sky news about returning to his homeland to fight against Russia. “I signed up for the reserves last week,” he said. I don’t have military experience, but I do have experience with a gun privately.”

Sergiy, has been uploading posts on his social media accounts daily and he uploaded an Instagram story with a message directed at Vladimir Putin.“[Vladimir] Putin, we will be dancing on your grave, read the caption.” Sergiy wrote.

Stakhovsky went on to criticise the leaders of the European union for not doing more deal with the conflict between Russia and Ukraine since it began in 2014 .“None of us believed that this could happen, and yet it happened. None of the European leaders or the world is ready to help, ready to put the fight in Ukraine maybe for a better Europe in the future, because once Ukraine is lost, we will resist. It makes the world of difference to our armed forces that they are not alone at least in a media environment, but let’s be realistic here, it’s been eight years of war with Russia. Where was all of this for eight years?” he said.

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