April 14, 2024

The Federal High Court at ikoyi Lagos Nigeria on Friday, granted an order mandating the Assets Management Corporation of Nigeria {AMCON} prosecutor Babatunde Lawal to either paste charge filed against Ifeanyi Patrick Ubah and his company, Capital oil and Gas Industries at his residence or to serve him the charge through the Clerk of the National Assembly.

Although it has been very difficult to personally serve Ubah a copy of the charge either by pasting at his residence with the assistance of the Nigerian Police Force, or to serve him through the Clerk of National Assembly. While acceding to the request of the AMCON prosecutor, the presiding Judge, Justice Nicholas Oweibo said the defendant can be served either by pasting the charge at his residence or through the Clerk of National Assembly.

Meanwhile the AMCON prosecutor has filed 8 count amended charges before the court to replace the initial four count charge filed before the court. However, based on the agreement of AMCON prosecutor, Babatunde Lawal and Jane Okocha representing Capital Oil & Gas Industries, Justice Oweibo adjourned till 24th May 2022 for arrangements.

In the Amended 8 Count charges filed before the court, it was alleged that Ubah and his Company Oil & Gas Industries Limited sometimes between 2012 & 2018 conspired together in making false claims in relation to the actual values of certain assets transferred to AMCON under a consent judgement, he and his company made with AMCON.

In the implementation of the provision of the AMCON act in realisation, part of his outstanding debts 135billion naira by frustrating the sale if property at banana island. The prosecutor also alleged that Ubah lied in aspect of the actual values of the assets he listed in the terms of settlement and offered in capital payments of the debt of capital Oil & Gas Industries Limited.

The charge as stated in the amended charge number FMC/L383C2019

Marvelous Ogidi

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