March 26, 2023

10 men have been arrested in Mexico over a brawl between rival football fans that broke out during a game last weekend and left 26 people injured. Prosecutors said on Tuesday.

These ten are suspected of attempted manslaughter, violence at a sports event and defending criminal activity.

This was a statement from the prosecutor’s office in the city of Queretaro. It was said that the fight broke out just after the hour mark of Saturday’s game between the home team Queretaro and Atlas in the top division of Mexican football league.

As some fans including families with kids tried to escape the violence, the clashes split out onto the field of play, sending players running for cover.

The game was called off however, and the football league suspended Sunday’s remaining matches of the 26 people hurt and hospitalized,19 have been released so far.

The judge issued arrest warrant on Monday for several dozen people who were suspected of taking part in the melee, identified through a news footage and social media images.

The judge also authorized searches of these suspects homes. and investigation found 82 jerseys with the Queretaro insignia, four pairs of athletico shoes, some stained with blood, 22 cellphones among other items.

The fight was said to have started when queretaro fans invaded and attacked a section of the stands where atlas supporters were seated. Owners of the team in the first division league were to meet Tuesday to discuss the violence that marred the game.

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