March 26, 2023

Russia has warned NATO countries ferrying weapons to Ukraine that their convoys could be targeted by its forces.

The Russian Deputy foreign minister Sergei Ryabkov gave the warning on Friday, cautioning the west against ‘mindless pumping weapons’ into Ukraine.

He stressed that it is a dangerous move that convoys carrying these weapons will be legitimate targets for the Russian military.

Ryabkov also said Moscow could resume a security dialogue with the US if Washington is ready to do it. He added that Russia is also prepared to discuss the issue if the new START treaty which has been put on hold as well.

He said that Moscow’s propositions for a security dialogue have changed since the last time it was on the agenda “I would not say that [earlier Russian proposals on security guarantees], remain in force. The [security] landscape has completely changed and now the situation is radically different”, Ryabkov said.

The deputy Minister added that Russia will not make any concessions to the US in matter of strategic stability, also warning Washington against any reckless steps in this area.

Marvelous Ogidi

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