April 14, 2024

At least six sailors have been confirmed dead on Monday at around 12:am on Monday (local time)after a Thai warship identified as corvette HTMS Sukhothai sank in the Gulf of Southern Thailand while search and rescue continued for the 23 missing sailors more than 40 hours.

This was confirmed by the navy on Tuesday stating that it happened during a storm with 105 crew members aboard. As of Tuesday evening, 76 people have been brought to safety, six bodies were recovered, and 23 remained missing, according to the Royal Thai Navy (RTN).

A navy-air force joint operation would continue to locate the missing sailors, with four warships and 10 aircraft on patrol, according to the RTN Chief of Staff Admiral Cholthis Nawanukroh “We’re still hopeful to find more survivors,” Cholthis said.”Considering the wind and ocean currents, which are going toward the shores at the moment, there is still hope if we speed up the operation,”he added.

On Tuesday, the navy updated the crew number at 105 from an earlier tally of 106, saying that one sailor failed to join the journey.Choengchai Chomchoengpaet, commander-in-chief of the RTN, confirmed reports that there were no enough life jackets on board, vowing to conduct a thorough investigation into the situation.

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