March 31, 2023

You are popularly known as Shebaby. What is your real name

Yes, that’s true. I am popularly addressed as Shebaby because it is my stage name. Nevertheless, Ariyo Oluwaseyi King Esther is my real name.

How long have you been in the industry?

I have been in the Industry for 2 decades now.

Have you released other songs since your hit track with Pasuma Wonder?

I have released quite a few;  Champion, Mr Dj, Tell me why etc featuring Pasuma,Mike Abdul,Oritshefemi,Jaywon, late Dagrin,etc

What is the greatest challenge you’ve faced as an artist?

There are a whole lot of challenges that come with every new level for an artist. Some of which can be avoided and the ones that can’t be avoided must be faced with the determination to finish strong. To stand out and remain significant as an artist in this part of the world, one must be willing to grow, soar and take chances regardless of a favourable weather or not. The greatest challenge I have had to face as an artist is the discipline to be a better vocalist. It is still ongoing but the effort so far has been worth it.

 Tell me why was the hit track with Pasuma

None yet

Did you also join your colleagues to share palliatives?

Oh! Palliatives?

Being generous to my family, fans and the needy has always been a part of me long before the pandemic. But of course, when the need to be more generous arose during the pandemic, I had no choice than to do more.

What is your relationship with Pasuma Wonder?

 My relationship with Pasuma is a mentor and protégé relationship.

Was is easy switching from music to acting?

 Switching from music into acting wasn’t so much of a difficult thing for me. I am a very versatile character, hence i found it easy.

Are we expecting an album anytime soon?

 No, not expecting any album soon

Any new project you want us to know about?

Of course there are new projects but I will only inform you about one. Mr DJ Featuring ORITSEFEMI and Jaywon Music Video drops this June!

Who are you planning to feature in your next track?

 I am planning to feature Cynthia Morgan and Teni Makanaki in my next track

You still look the same way for 2decades, What is your beauty routine?

 My beauty routine is quite simple; Eat nutritious meals, eat lots of fruit, work out regularly, keep a good personal hygiene, have a good aura and wear a confident smile always.

Have you produced any movies yet?

 Yes, I have produced quite a few number of movies; Ikoko Meta, Odaju omoge, T & K, Aye alaye, Emi Ilu eko, ofin Kefa, Dark…

Where do you see She-baby in 5years from now?

I see myself settled in all areas of my life!

Words of encouragement to your fans and those that look up to you.,.

 My encouragement to those who look up to me is this; you’ve got just one life to live, make it count!

Thank you for your time…

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