April 14, 2024

Many feared dead and properties destroyed as Russian forces launched attacks on several cities in Ukraine.

Ukrainian defence ministry intelligence headquarters in central Kyiv is filled with heavy smoke seen rising.

It was reported in BBC earlier today that the building appears to be intact, and the smoke is from a large fire next to the building. Witnesses have seen uniformed people throwing bags on to the fire.

Ukraine hinted that some of its military command centres was hit by Russian missile strikes.

Just outside Kyiv, in the town of Brovary, According to authorities, “At least six people were killed by a series of missile strikes, Just outside Kyiv, in the town of Brovary.”

According to United Kingdom Prime Minister, Boris Johnson says that after 04:00 GMT he spoke to President Zelensky of Ukraine to offer the support of the UK. “Our worst fears have come true and all the warnings of a Russian invasion have proved tragically accurate.

President Vladimir Putin of Russia has unleashed war in Europe, Putin has attacked a friendly country without any provocation or credible excuse.”

“Bombs have been raining down on an entirely innocent population, Avast invasion is under way by land by air and by sea.” Johnson said.

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