March 31, 2023

NATO has activated its “defense plan” for allied countries as Russia attacks non-nato members Ukraine alliance Chief Jens Stoltenberg told a media conference on Thursday .

Stoltenberg also confirmed that NATO will hold a video summit on Friday to discuss the Russian invasion of it’s pro Western neighbours. He also reiterated that NATO had no plans to send alliance troops to Ukraine.

This is said to be the first time the alliance has publicly said it is activating its defense plans, which were drawn up after Russia’s 2014 invasion and annexation of Ukraine’s crime a peninsula. Though details weren’t issued to them beyond saying they are “defensive plans” allowing deployment that “cover the whole east of our alliance” and which “give our military commanders some more authority within politically defined guidelines”.

Stoltenberg further said it would include elements of NATO’s rapid reaction force of 40,000 soldiers including a highly prepared unit of 7,000 personnel most of them french and an air wing under French command.

“Friday summit would also include non-nato members Sweden and Finland, and Euchiefs Ursula Von der leyen and Charles Michel”.

According to NATO chief who said that the invasion would have “long term effects” on the Western alliance relationship with Russia and NATO’S security posture. We don’t have all the answers today. But it will be a new reality. It will be a new Europe after the invasion we saw today,” he said.

“Russia had not taken seriously efforts to fund a political solution to the tension that preceded it’s military attack on Ukraine”. So Russia has shut the door to a political solution. We regret that. But that’s, sadly, the reality, which has severe and very serious consequences for the people of Ukraine, but also actually impacts the security for all of us.“And that’s the reason why we step up our presence in the eastern part of the alliance.”

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