June 19, 2024

In the eastern Indian city of Ranchi,the Indian police fired a crowd after a large number of Muslims took to the streets following Friday prayers to protest remarks by a ruling party official.

Having shot and killed two protesters and arrested more than 130 others during rallies sparked by a ruling party official’s remarks about Prophet Muhammad ,anger engulfed Muslims both India and abroad since last week, when a spokesperson for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party made derogatory remarks against the Prophet during a heated TV debate.

Muslims took to the streets after Friday prayers in huge numbers across India and neighbouring countries to condemn the remarks, with police firing on a crowd in the eastern city of Ranchi.”Police were forced to open fire to disperse protesters…resulting in the death of two,” a police officer from Ranchi in Jharkhand state said. Later, authorities cut internet connections in the city and imposed a curfew.Officers said the crowd had defied their orders not to march from a mosque to a market and thrown broken bottles and stones when police attempted to disperse the rally with a baton charge.

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