March 31, 2023

The Rapid Response Squad unit of the Lagos Police Command have arrested two entertainers, a musician and a pianist, both robbery suspects confessed they were forced into robbery by the need to survive the COVID – 19 lockdown hunger.

The suspects: Chinonso Michael, 25 years, an Afro hip – hop singer and Chimelu Victory, 22 years, a pianist, were arrested last week Wednesday in company of 5 other suspects at their residence at 4, Modupe Young Thomas Estate, Ajah, Lagos by the Decoy Team of RRS.

The duo had placed an order to pay on delivery, an iPhone 11 Pro Max valued at N450,000:00 via, an online platform from their service charge apartment in Ajah on 10th April, 2020.

On receipt of the consignment from a delivery man, one Anifowoshe Itunu, Chimelu, the buyer generated a fake alert to the rider first and later, with the connivance of Chinonso escaped from the apartment after they had tied down the despatch rider with a bottle of beer.

The duo suspects later sold the iPhone 11 Pro Max to a buyer in Ogba, Ikeja Lagos for a sum of N350,000:00 which was transferred into Chinoso’s bank account.

The suspects, who had jumped off from the first floor to the ground naked at their apartment into the streets on sighting the police, confessed to the crime that it was the third time they had sold an iPhone 11 Pro Max during the COVID– 19 lockdown, adding that two of the phones were carted online with stolen credit cards.

According to sources, Chinonso fractured his arm and bruised him chin immediately he landed on the ground floor. He then instantly took to the streets naked before he was arrested and taken to the hospital.

In their confessions, Chinonso and Chimelo, who are regular performers in some Lagos night clubs separately attributed their actions to COVID 19 lockdown stressing that “during the lock down there was nothing going and we didn’t have anything to eat for like two – weeks.

We were already owing all the store owners in the neighbourhood. Nobody was ready to give us credit anymore. We had to device a means to survive the lock down”, they stated.

Chinonso, who just changed his stage name from Authority to Happy – Boy noted that he joined Chimelu at his Ajah residence in March, 2020 noted that he was his music teacher in Aba, Abia state before he moved to Lagos.

Chimelu, who is popularly called Apostle Swag recently resigned as a Lekki church keyboardist to pursuit a career in music, stated that he used to have regular shows in Lagos clubs before the lockdown.

He added that ‘the plan of a service charge apartment was to create the impression that they live there in the mind of the despatch rider.

The suspects confessed that apart from their musical careers, they also engage in internet fraud.

Exhibits recovered from the suspects include: one iPhone 11Pro Max, three laptops, two flash drives, two WiFi connection modems, two memory cards, four SIM cards, one Samsung phone and one iPhone.

The suspects have been transferred to SARS for further investigations and prosecution.

The Commissioner of Police Lagos State, Hakeem Odumosu commented that the internet is a fertile ground for opportunities but the State Command would not allow criminals use it as an avenue to exploit legitimate business owners.

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