February 23, 2024

Perfection Real Estate Group is a one-stop Real Estate Consortium that seeks to innovate and provide solutions to the real human problems in the Real Estate Sector. Our Vision is to empower people through Real Estate while our mission is to make home ownership and participation in the Real Estate Sector more accessible to Nigerians.

In order to power our vision and mission, we have created some Real Estate products and services for opportunities and possibilities which enables the average Nigerian to aspire to become a big Real Estate portfolio holder no matter who they are or the income level.

They are as follows:

REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT OFFERS: This is aimed at encouraging everyone to develop a mindset of saving and investing in the Real Estate Sector towards the attainment of financial freedom through Real Estate wealth.

LAND INVESTMENT OFFER: This is aimed at encouraging land banking towards a secured future economy and generational wealth transfer.

EXCEPTIONAL HOME OFFERS: This is aimed at making it as easy as possible for you to become a home owner.

AMBASSADORSHIP CERTIFICATION PROGRAM: This is training, certification and accreditation program aimed at making you a Real Estate Investor, business owner and our Brand Ambassador with streams of active and passive income that increases your economic fortunes and set you on a path to financial freedom through creation, distribution and redistribution of Real Estate Wealth.

Niyi Adeleye, President Perfection Real Estate Group

REAL ESTATE WEALTH ACADEMY: Real Estate capacity development institution aimed at raising real estate entrepreneurs, investors, wealth builders and portfolio holders in one and we provide platform for practice and growth.

THE CONCEPT OF PERFECTION ESTATE: Perfection Estate was conceived in fulfilment of our mission To make Home Ownership and participation in the Real Estate Sector more accessible to Nigerians, we gave birth to PERFECTION ESTATE as a national Real Estate Project which provide opportunities, possibilities and a platform to invest in lands, infrastructure development, building projects, home ownership as well as income generating real estate business system.

THE OWN-TO-RENT REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT OFFER: In line with the fulfillment of all as stated above and to further encourage participation in the Real Estate Sector in form of active investment and property ownership, Perfection Real Estate Group just launched the OWN-TO-RENT REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT OFFER. This concept is about investing into owning units of our apartments on fractional basis or as a whole (as the case may be) and earn great return in form of Rental Income therefrom at PERFECTION ESTATE. We are kicking off immediately with the development of our 1bedroom apartments at PERFECTION ESTATE Phase 1, Ibeju Lekki which will be fully finished and furnished and made ready for occupation on short-lets to expatriates and other service providers for the industrial and commercial activities emerging in Ibeju Lekki in general. There will be first class professional hospitality, facility and property managers that will handle the process of provision of excellent hospitality services, facility maintenance and rent collection. The question now is, how does the average Nigerian become a part or whole owner of these units of apartments? This is quite simple as up to eight investors could own one single unit of 1bedroom apartment and share the rental income from that one single unit. In some other cases, an individual Investor can invest in more than one unit or better still own a whole unit or more even the entire block of 12 units of 1bedroom apartment and so on.


A unit of investment is going now for N2.5m (in multiples) and can be spread within 3months.

For further enquiries and details please call or chat our hotlines on 08091111384, 08178917876, 08090229899 Website: www.perfectionrealestategroup.comFacebook: @perfectionrealestategroupInstagram: @perfectionrealestategroupLinkedIn: @perfectionrealestategroupTwitter: @perfectionreg

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