March 26, 2023

Elsie Uzoma Okpocha, wife of popular comedian, Basketmouth has addressed wives and girlfriends who love to share ‘everything’ with their partners especially information on their female friends telling them not ‘everything’ are to be exposed to their partners.

Elsie said wives and girlfriends shouldn’t share every detail about their female friends with their partners insisting they ought to always uphold the code of secrecy on information female friends share with them and not spill to their partners.

She also highlighted the implications of sharing too many details with one’s husband or boyfriend about female friends.According to her, the female friends being discussed will ultimately lose respect in the sight of the partner.

The mother of three began: “Hey guys! This is for wives and girlfriends that love to tell their partners everything. I mean it’s ok but y’all need to chill….I tell my husband everything, I don’t hide anything from him… know I love him so much so we don’t keep secrets from each other.“It’s not everything you tell him. It’s not everything he needs to know especially about your girl friends”.

“Cos you know how girls like to talk a lot when they are together? It could be marital issues, relationship issues, general issues. And there are those friends that talk about everything because it makes them feel better.”She continued: “Now the thing is….Your husbands, boyfriends don’t need to know the secrets your girl friends have confided in you.“There’s no need to know that much. It’s okay to share the celebrations but not these things that should not be shared.“Because you know what this does eventually? It tends to backfire. Because one day, you’ll just hear your husband say, ‘That girl, avoid her.’ Or you see him disrespecting her because of what you’ve told him. So ladies, learn to use your sieve. It’s one of the things you need to know just don’t share,” Elsie added.

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