March 28, 2023

Nollywood actor Taiwo Hassan , popularly known as Ogogo engaged in a fight while in his hometown in Ilaro ,Ogun to inspect a project.

The actor, however, issued a statement to clarify the incident after he was captured in a fist fight, he shared his side of his story , revealing that he had gone to his hometown of Ilaro to inspect a project when unknown guys walked up to him for the normal self-appraisals.

All of which was to collect money from him which he eventually succumbed to.However, according to Ogogo, one of the guys dragged him and insisted the actor wouldn’t leave him until he meets their demand.The actor flared up and lost his cool.

He then said in a statement “Before bloggers pick this up, let me tell my side of the story and truth. Was in Ilaro my hometown, for an inspection of a project, after which some unknown guys walked up to me for the normal appraisals.We watch your movie ,Give up money,We watched you all through our childhood,All these as an actor we hear every day, I offer all I had on me and one of them dragged me by my agbada and demanded for an amount I can’t pay. Asked him to leave me, he said “Do your worse” the rest is story. Please stop harassing actors or entertainers, do you pay anyone for doing your job, No it’s our job too. Accept all we offer when we do. Remember, once a boxer always a boxer”.

Marvelous Ogidi

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