March 2, 2024

Nigerian cross-dresser James Obialor, popularly known as James Brown, had on Tuesday reacted over his leaked sex tape which flooded social media, Monday.

Following the viral sex tape video where the cross-dresser was seen with an unknown lady which was seen on Twitter and Snapchat and had generated a lot of heat from ‘tweeps’.

Given his reaction, James Brown expressed sadness and disappointment in a Instagram video due to the fact that people got surprised when he said he had a ‘girlfriend’ .“Do you know one thing you guys don’t understand? I said I had a girlfriend and you guys didn’t believe me. Do I not look man enough? Try me, bring your girlfriend and let me knack her front and back.” He said.

He also revealed that he couldn’t sleep well and felt like he was having a bad dream. “I can’t sleep well. I am having a bad dream,” James Brown tweeted. He added, “For the first time in a long time, I am sad and depressed. I feel down and tired. Is this what it feels like?”

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