March 26, 2023

American actress,Eileen Ryan dies at 94.She died at her home in Malibu, California, on Sunday, according to family spokesperson Mara Buxbaum. Based on her birth date,Ryan would have turned 95 next Sunday.

In a tweet one of her children,known as a musician, Michael Penn had posted while he mourned his mum with a piece of writing, “We lost mom yesterday,” he posted this with a heart broken emoji.

She had two roles on Broadway in the 1950s — both short-lived — in “Sing Till Tomorrow” in 1953 and “Comes a Day” in 1958.In 1957, Ryan was at rehearsals for “Iceman Cometh” when she met Leo Penn, who had taken over for Jason Robards at the Circle in the Square production. They moved in together within a week of meeting and married a few months later. Leo Penn died in 1998.

Eileen Ryan was born October 16, 1927 .She was the widow of actor and director Leo Penn, and the mother of actors Sean Penn, Chris Penn, and singer Michael Penn. She had also appeared in 1957 (Three in One) ,1986( At Close Range ),1988( Judgment in Berlin),2010( Venus & Vegas )(Estelle )2011( Collaborator Betty )2016( Rules Don’t Apply) ,Broadway and the matriarch of the steeped-in-the-arts Penn family.

Ryan, who was the mother of actors Sean Penn and r Penn and musician Michael Penn,

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