March 26, 2023

Nigerian Popular Musician ,Harrison Okiri,known as Harrysong, has cleared allegations he made against music executive, Soso Soberekon.

Recalling that Harrysong earlier accused Soberekan of hiring assassins against him during an interview with Nedu.“If you see Soso now you’ll say Soso na my friend. Soso is not my friend, Soso is my enemy. He sent people to come and kill me in Port Harcourt, no jokes. Ask my team, ask everyone,” he said .

After the arrest at the Lagos Airport ,the singer got released while he made a U-turn on his allegations in a video posted via his Instagram page on Saturday , giving the fans assurance that they’re now on good ties .

“About the video that was trending last week that some group of boys made an attempt on my life, yes it was true. It was a group of boys that were misled, I now have clarity, it wasn’t Soso who sent them.“I and Soso are good now, so guys thanks to everyone that reached out,” he said.

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