May 28, 2023

Manchester United footballer Mason Will John Greenwood 21, has given his appearance into Manchester Magistrate Court on Monday after being charged with attempted rape, controlling and coercive behaviour and assault of a teenage student.

The attempted rape is said to have happened in October 2021, the assault in December 2021, and the controlling and coercive behaviour between November 2018 and October this year.The three charges relate to the same woman.

The forward player came in a grey sweatshirt and grey jogging bottoms surrounded by two dock officers.Mason only spoke to confirm his name,date of birth, and address before the court heard the details of charges against him.

Members of the footballer’s family sat in the public gallery as well as members of the press.
Proceedings were then adjourned until later on Monday morning by District Judge Mark Hadfield. This is where his bail arrangements will be decided.

The player was first held in January over allegations relating to a young woman after images and videos were posted online.He had been on bail since then, but was arrested in the Trafford area on Saturday for an alleged breach of conditions.

Shortly after 4pm on Saturday, the Crown Prosecution Service said it had authorised Greater Manchester Police to charge Mason Greenwood

Since the news at surface on net at the beginning of the year, the forward ,who has made one appearance for England ,was suspended from playing or training with the Old Trafford club.Nike suspended and later terminated its sponsorship deal with Greenwood, while Electronic Arts confirmed his removal from active squads on its FIFA ’22.

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