May 28, 2023

Chief of Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Awwal Zubairu Gambo has issued a note of warning to 12 senior ratings of the Nigerian Navy who were awarded the first ever presidential concession commission resulting in their immediate elevation to the rank of Navy Lieutenants (Army Captain Equivalent) to shun acts or behaviours that could bring disrepute to the Nigerian Navy and by extension the nation in general.

This was how he explained that the establishment of the Nigerian Navy ‘Chief Boatswain Mate’ was in recognition of the importance and the critical role the ‘Admiral of the lower deck’ plays in the leadership and mentoring process of the rating cadre.

The CNS spoke at the unveiling ceremony of the 12 lieutenant on Friday in Abuja saying ‘May I remind you all of the Oath of Allegiance that was just administered to you. By that oath, I charge you to remain steadfast and loyal to constituted authority and be focused on your assigned duties. May I also add that a lot will be expected of you as newly commissioned officers given your experience and pedigree in the Service, especially in the light of the contemporary security challenges our nation faces. These challenges call for dedication, selflessness, professionalism, chivalry and teamwork.

Gambo said “This maiden Presidential Concessional Commissioning Ceremony of 12 suitably qualified senior rates to the rank of Lieutenant in the Nigerian Navy is yet another milestone event in the annals of the Nigerian Navy and am grateful to the Almighty God for keeping us all to witness this occasion. He recalled that “During my inaugural address on the assumption of Command as the Chief of the Naval Staff, I stressed that the ‘man’ remains the most critical and important factor of military operations; in addition, I noted that “NN personnel that exhibit high integrity, commitment and positive attributes that portray the Nigerian Navy in good light shall be rewarded handsomely. Today, I am glad to observe that the Nigerian Navy under my watch has matched words with actions by placing a high premium on human capacity development with the introduction of several motivational incentives towards enhancing the human resource output for optimal operational efficiency of the Nigerian Navy. Pertinently within the last one year, several conferences, retreats and seminars geared towards human capacity building were held including the ‘Third Nigerian Navy Warrant Officers’ Convention. Significantly, the resolutions of the Convention played a pivotal role towards the establishment of the Office of the Nigerian Navy ‘Chief Boatswain Mate’. This was in recognition of the importance and the critical role the ‘Admiral of the Lower Deck’ plays in the leadership and mentoring process of the rating cadre. Furthermore, as part of the efforts to reinvigorate a sense of aspiration, leadership and strive for excellence in the rating cadre, the Nigerian Navy activated the concessional commission provision in the HTACOS Officers 2017 (Revised). “The provisions of the Concessional Commission allow for outstanding personnel of the rank of Master Warrant Officers and above or equivalent who possess exemplary leadership qualities and have distinguished themselves through hard work, dedication and meritorious service to be commissioned as officers in the Armed Forces of Nigeria. The Concessional Commission also serves as a motivational measure for the non-commissioned officers to aspire to be elevated to the officer cadre. I, therefore, congratulate you pioneer recipients of the Presidential Concessional Commission and your beloved families for being found worthy of this recognition and elevation”. He said.

He also expressed his sincere appreciation to President Muhammadu Buhari for his support to the Nigerian Navy which has provided the impetus for the attainment of several landmark achievements including this maiden presidential consessional commission and to the Minister of Defense and other members of the Navy board who overwhelmingly supported the activation of the concessional commisioner provision of the HTACOS officers 2017 (revised) which are Lt,A.M Mala, Lt, A.A Bolaji,Lt,Z Abudllahi ,Lt,AR Anegeru ,Lt,T.M Amango,Lt, NM Etukudo ,Lt,O.J Fatogun ,Lt E ibiyomi ,Lt Y.T Ibrahim,Lt G.O kadiri,Lt Jouche and Lt J.A Usman.

Lt J.O Fatogun praised president Muhammadu Buhari for approving the elevation and honour done to them to continue to serve their fatherland. “We promise to consistently give our best to the Nigerian Navy. As it is always said, to whom much is given, much is expected. Therefore we pledge to give our best to ensure that nation and the Nigerian Navy derive maximum benefits from our dedication to service.”

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