March 2, 2024

A ghastly accident which occurred on Saturday evening had claimed the lives of the occupants of a car which include a pregnant woman.

The tragedy occurred after a trailer carrying a container fell on top of a car at the Eko Bridge on Saturday evening.
The yet to be identified occupants were three males and one pregnant female.

This got a lot of people complaining and blaming the government. Below are some comments…
According to a Twitter user identified as @jj_lomak: “The unfortunate incident on eko bridge happened as a result of govt. negligence. People have been living in under bridges but the govt. didn’t do any threat assessment until an unfortunate accident & I don’t know why they are always fond of that. God will help us.” He wrote.

Another one identified as @IamSamzyPR: “A Fatal Accident which has left No Survivors Occured on the Eko Bridge some moments Ago, According to reports the Said Vehicle was said to be on Top Speed until after Crashing out On the Bridge”.

@DheyMorLarH also wrote: “R.i.p to the souls lost In the accident on that Eko bridge. Accidents are a terrible thing. I survived one last week Tuesday involving a trailer too. Still can’t thank God enough.”

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