March 2, 2024

Nigerian stand up comedian and Actor Oluwaseyitan Lawrence Aletile, has shared his grief over the death of his mother,Queen Esper Tinuola Aletile.He took to his Instagram page writing how painful it was to see that his mother’s soul has left its body .“My mother slept in the cold and I couldn’t cover her. My mother followed me all my life and I left her alone. Oh, lya Seyi! I am so sorry, death took you from me.”

“You were the beauty on which the cradle of my life was built. My gold has gone with the sunset and that lovely smile is not to be seen anymore,” he wrote in the caption.Describing her as a woman who “suffered and yet showed kindness,” he praised God for her life well-lived and also asked for forgiveness on her behalf.“God, I can’t, but praise you in everything. Thank you heavenly Father. Please forgive my mother and celebrate her. She suffered and yet, showed kindness and the goodness of her heart never stopped. Rest on my mother and we love you, Mama rere,” he said.

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