February 23, 2024

Skit maker and actress Bukunmi Adeaga-Ilori aka Kie Kie made an announcement as she reveals her first baby bump, anticipating to be a mum.

On Tuesday, Kiekie also shared a video where she dedicated a song to her unborn child as she showed off her baby bump.The song titled “L’oruko Jesu (Prayer for Oluwashonaolami)” features the Akinpelu girls. It is filled with prayers for her child, wishing he’d grow without stress while having a peaceful and fulfilled life.

She captioned her post: “Look who’s going to be a mummy. Me wey never fall dann inside rain before! One small drizzle bayi! I fell pregnant Danu Danu!”

Bukunmi got married with her partner since February 2020 but has decided to keep it low-key.The expectant father and mother awaits their first fruit as the bump was revealed today.

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