March 27, 2023

British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has surrendered to the snowballing and has agreed to step down, therefore a resignation statement is expected shortly.

By Thursday morning, at about 50 ministers have resigned from the government as Johnson also faced an unstoppable revolt by his own lawmakers, and signs of paralysis in his government.

Britain’s minister for Northern Ireland, Brandon Lewis, was also among the four ministers who announced their resignation on Thursday saying he no longer believed the values of honesty, integrity and mutual respect were being upheld by Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government.Lewis joined around 50 politicians who have quit government positions in the last two days in an effort to force Johnson out of power.

Helen Whately, a junior treasury minister, also quit on Thursday, along with security minister Damian Hinds.Hinds had said that the country needed Prime Minister Boris Johnson to go in order to restore trust in their democracy.“More important than any government or leader are the standards we uphold in public life and faith in our democracy and public administration,” Hinds said in his resignation letter to Johnson.

“Because of the serious erosion in these, I have come to the conclusion that the right thing for our country and for our party is for you to stand down as party leader and prime minister.” he added.

Guy Opperman, a British junior minister who oversees pensions, also resigned on Thursday, saying the unwillingness of Prime Minister Boris Johnson to quit had left him no choice.British junior culture minister Chris Philp resigned as well, and asked Johnson to quit over a series of scandals that have dogged his administration.

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