March 26, 2023

The Presidential candidate of Labour Party, Peter Obi, has given the reasons he picked Dr. Yusuf Baba-Ahmed as his running mate for the 2023 presidency, Friday.

He said his reasons at a conference in Abuja, with the theme “Journey to Nigeria’s Rebirth Begins Today,” “I chose Baba-Ahmed because he is eminently qualified.” he said.

“I have the honour to present to you somebody I can call a friend, a younger brother and God willing the next vice president of Nigeria in the name of Sen. Yusuf Baba-Ahmed .“He has been described as one of the brightest, youngest personalities in Nigeria who has distinguished himself in all areas.“He brings to this mission a great wealth of experience from the background on the private sector to public sector and a global knowledge that will help in a journey of turning around this country.“Today, our country is facing so many challenges which I don’t want to mention because we are just here to introduce our Vice Presidential candidate.”

“I will not be doing a great service to the country if I don’t mention some of them , we are today the poverty capital of the world.“We are today, hugely indebted; people are hungry and angry and all these are the cumulation of bad leadership,” Peter Obi said.

“The two of us with the same background will be able to start this process. Now that we have completed the cycle of nominations, we will soon in the next few days or more, be able to come out with policies and manifestos that would be anchored on the 17 SDG positions.“This is because we must rescue this country, ensure that this country is secured; this country is united and this country is productive.”Obi said the party would transform the vast lands in the north to oil, adding that land was the equivalent asset and it would be engaged agriculturally.

“It is not just going to be two of us, it is not our election but your election. Those who tell you about structures, tell them your children, your family; you are the structures. They cannot continue to scare us with those words.“We will take back our country and even convert them into the structures, their structures will be our structures, they will follow us,” he added.

Marvelous Ogidi

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