March 31, 2023

It was reported that the Northernmost neighborhood, Neve Yaakov, Jerusalem had been attacked leaving several people dead.

The terrorist arrived in a white car at the entrance of the prayer house then entered the place and shot indiscriminately. He tried to flee the place, while continually shooting, before encountering a police car with an armed officer and a volunteer about a mile away. In the ensuing shootout, he was killed.

However,at least 10 got injured, including some seriously. The initial death count was five but was later updated to at least seven. The shooter targeted a group standing next to the synagogue Ateret Avraham, after Friday night services had ended already. Some of the victims were being treated on the site with CPR on the scene, while the rest were rushed to the hospital and were later pronounced dead.

It was sketchy if the 21 years old Alkam Hayri had an accomplice.The attack comes a day after an IDF operation in Jenin resulted in several terrorists dead, resulting in a rocket attack overnight from Gaza.

The raid in Jenin was meant to thwart an imminent large-scale terrorist attack, and led to threats of reprisal by Hamas and other terrorist groups.

Marvelous Ogidi

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