February 27, 2024

Three people were shot dead on Saturday and four others sustain injuries at a luxury home near Beverly Hills, at ‘a gathering at a short-term rental property’ ,US police said.

Emergency services rushed to the scene where they found three people dead in a vehicle parked outside.Four others were being treated in hospital Saturday, two of them for critical injuries.The incident, which came on the heels of two mass shootings in California that claimed 18 lives, happened in an area stayed between Beverly Hills and Bel Air, where multi-million dollar homes with lush landscaping enjoy stunning views of the Los Angeles skyline.

Detectives investigating the attack say it happened at a “short term rental home”.Police also stated that they there was some kind of gathering at the location.“We called it a gathering, until we can interview some of the people that were here to determine exactly what kind of gathering it was,” Los Angeles Police Department’s Bruce Borihanh said.

“Investigators are also going door to door and looking for additional surveillance video, or any evidence that can help us determine what happened here and why these victims were shot.”

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