March 27, 2023

Nigerian actor, Uche Odoputa, has cried out for help following the abduction of his father, Kenneth Odoputa.

In an Instagram post on Monday, the Nollywood star noted that his father has been in the kidnappers’ den for two weeks. He also shared a picture of his father, asking his colleagues and fans to join him in praying for his dad’s safe return.

Uche’s Instagram post read, “Friends please join me in praying for my father’s safe return from the hands of kidnappers that took him over two weeks now. Mr Kenneth Odoputa.”

Some of his friends replied him: “The Lord will bring him back safe and grant you and your family strength in these trying times.” Chidi Mokeme wrote.

“He will be back safely, Amen,” actress Chizzy Alichi prayed.

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