March 26, 2023

American gospel singer, Don Meon, has celebrated 49 years of marriage with his wife, Laura Moen.

On Thursday, the Pastor shared via his Instagram page that he married his wife shortly after he performed at a concert.According to him, the concert attendees were invited to stay for the event, and they had approximately 1000 wedding guests who they did not know personally.Sharing a picture from the wedding, he wrote in the caption, “49 years ago, I married this girl after a concert in Minneapolis, MN.

“We welcomed anyone in the audience to stay for the wedding, it started at 10 PM and we had approximately 1,000 people we didn’t know at our wedding! What an adventure! I’m a very blessed man. God is so good!!!’’. he added.

The couple is blessed with five children, Melissa, Rachel, James, John, and Michael.

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