May 28, 2023

Nigerian Popular Musician and Grammy Award winner,Wizkid has vowed to retire older Nigerian politicians at the upcoming 2023 polls.He disclosed the rare comment during an interview while calling on Nigerians to speak up against people in government.

“I’m about to go crazy on their asses this election. All these old men are going out of power this time. They need to go to an old people’s home and chill out.”he said.

He advised older politicians to leave the political scene as he vowed to pressurise them out of power in next year’s general election.He added that there is nothing worth celebrating in the country except for individual achievements of peoples in the sports, entertainment and comedy industries.

“There’s nothing to celebrate [in Nigeria] except that [Nigerians] are amazing people in music, sports, comedy – entertainment in general. I’m proud of young Nigerians doing things around the world in tech. I have amazing friends, doing amazing things.” “That’s it, though. There’s nothing else. But I feel hopeful there’ll be change. How soon? I’m not sure. But a lot has changed from growing up to now.“There was a time when you could never speak to the president or anyone in government like that. But now you have a voice.” he explained.

Eighteen candidates are currently competing in the race to replace Muhammadu Buhari, whose tenure in office will end in May, 2023, as the president of Nigeria.

Wizkid’s fifth album ‘More Love, Less Ego’ was set to be released on November 3, but was shifted by a week to November 11, amid the tragedy that befell his industry mate Davido.

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