June 5, 2023

Two standup comedians,Mubarak Isa Muhammad and Nazifi Muhammad Bala, got unusual punishments for defaming the character of Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje on their Tiktok accounts in Kano State under Kano State Magistrate Court by Aminu Muhammad Gabari

The convicts had pleaded guilty to the two-count charges of defamation and inciting public disturbance pummeled against them.

Under Gabari’s order, the duo are to be thrashed 20 lashes of the cane and will sweep alongside wash the toilets on the premises of the Magistrate Court located at Noman’s Land area of Kano metropolis for 30 days.

“They will receive 20 lashes each, to be administered in the public. They should also sweep and wash the toilets of Justice Aloma Mukthar Court Complex in No-man’s-land,” the judge ruled.

However they are to pay a total fine of N20,000 each. N10,000 for defaming the character of Ganduje and another “inciting public disturbance.”

Senior Magistrate Gabari similarly administered non-custodial terms against the convicts and ordered them to produce a video on social media tendering an apology to Governor Ganduje.

Marvelous Ogidi

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