March 28, 2023

Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie, now being the talk of the town has expressed surprise at how his second marriage broke the internet. Edochie had caused a stir on Wednesday when he announced his second marriage to actress Judy Austin, adding that she already had a son for him. In a Facebook post on Friday, Edochie noted that the recent news gave him more attention than all his previous involvements in the movie industry and politics. Writing in Pidgin, the actor was bewildered by the fact that he could break the Internet and get over 60,000 comments on one post.

He wrote, “So I fit break Internet like this? So I can get over 60k comments on one post? But I dey act film, dey give una Hollywood performances since una no send me. Best voice, una no send me. “I ran for Governor, una no send me. I’ve been a strong voice for the people, been an activist, I do Endsars, una no send me. “I wan run for President, una no still send me. But na dis one scatter Internet. Na dis one come make una send me finally. Na waa for una oo.”

However, Yul’s first wife of 17 years, May, has earlier reacted to the news by calling down the judgement of God on the latest couple and unfollowing her husband on Instagram. The 40-year-old actor married May at the age of 22 and they have four children together.

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